2015 The financial adventures of a single mom. “Losing everything”

We are always blessed.
No matter what turns life may bring us.
Life is about moments and connecting and always striving to look at what we have and to fully appreciate it.
There is nothing in this world that you can take with you.
What’s important is what you leave behind.
Leave as much beauty and goodness as you can. ~j-trim


Yesterday I filed bankruptcy. Chapter 7.


After five years of extreme difficulty and continuous uphill battles, personal and professional, I sat there in a lawyers office in Troy and literally handed over a large pile of the looming disaster that has perpetually trailed me at my heels for over five years now. You wouldn’t think that a pile of paper could hold so much power over a person’s constitution but let’s just say that paper and I, and the secrets each page held over my conscience, have not been on solid footing.


Filing bankruptcy costs about a thousand dollars, by the way. I couldn’t help but see the irony in the fact that I could not even afford to file bankruptcy. And so, a friend also came with me to be a second set of ears, offer moral support, and to write a check for the filing.


This past year I haven’t written the way I used to. I did share my I want to be a powerlifter series but even through the documenting of that, I was not feeling as authentic in my delivery. As a forty two year old woman who has fully lived life and seen so many realities, there have been so many other things I wanted to write about but I just wasn’t ready.


I wasn’t brave enough.


Maybe now because  I literally have nothing to lose, I have once again found my voice and my courage.


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