7 Tips for Successful Weight Loss, Day 6

Welcome back for Day 6 of our real [FIT] life weight loss lessons. Over the span of 7 days I am sharing

7 Tips for Successful Weight Loss.


These lessons are short but also super helpful. They vary from 5 – 10 minutes each and it’s best if you watch them in order.


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Today I’m sharing a personal story with you regarding my own weight loss journey and an eye opening thing that happened to me in 2011 that changed the way I look at weight loss forever. It’s the main thing that’s helped me keep my weight in check, consistently, even at the age of 45. 


The thing I hear most from people who want to lose weight when I ask them their WHY, is that they want to feel better in their bodies, they want to feel more confidant. I recently had a new real [FIT] life’er say to me, “I want to feel like what’s on the outside matches how I feel on the inside.”


Well, today’s tip helps with these goals in a BIG WAY.


So get out your pen and paper and let’s get to work! This is 5 minutes total.


Tip #6

Did you see us on WTEN News Channel 10 Saturday morning?


If you missed us, you can watch this great additional segment that News Reporter Jimmy Marlow put together for News 10’s evening broadcast. 

Click here to watch!

Here’s what real [FIT] life’r Ed has to say about his time as a current member at real [FIT] life. 


 I have COPD & PTSD. My health is good but I’m very overweight and had no energy. I needed to get into a health program to improve my health. Jeannine’s program at real [FIT] life has helped me start to get back in shape.


My breathing has greatly improved and my strength and energy levels have increased. My PTSD is in check. Training twice a week at real [FIT] life plus playing some golf helps.


I would like to thank Jeannine for her personal training and for helping me reach my goals.


– Ed Breedlove


See you tomorrow!


Jeannine Trimboli

 Founder, real [FIT] life


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