7 Tips for Successful Weight Loss, Day 7

Welcome back for Day 7 of our real [FIT] life weight loss lessons. Over the span of 7 days I am sharing

7 Tips for Successful Weight Loss.


Today is our last day, wrapping up this entire series! Yay!


These lessons are short but also super helpful. They vary from 5 – 10 minutes each and it’s best if you watch them in order.


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Finding a fitness and diet plan that works for YOU is the most necessary part for achieving the results you’re looking for.


Your actions and your plan have to fit your goals but those goals may change over time.


Even when we find a diet and fitness program that is optimal for us, that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy to follow. It does mean that we’ll be more likely to stick with. 


Over the years my plan has changed depending on my current goal. My

 goals vary from getting bigger and stronger to getting leaner while maintaining as much muscle and strength as possible. I’ve solely focused on increasing my deadlift or my squat numbers, and in the past I also trained for a 5k. 


My plan was different for each of these goals and no certain goal was better than another. It was just the right goal for ME at that time.


In today’s final tip we talk about this idea of finding what works for you, whether it’s diet, fitness, or both.



Here’s today’s final tip. I hope you enjoy it! 


Tip #7


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Here’s what real [FIT] life’r Kim has to say about her time here as a current member and weight loss client at real [FIT] life


“Before joining the real [FIT] life “Get Ready for Summer” 15 Week Transformation Challenge, I was wanting to get in better shape & lose some weight. 


My friend and current real [FIT] life member, Tanya inspired me to check out a video in reference to the challenge. I did and decided to join the real [FIT] life as a member as well as a challenge participant.


It was time to get into a healthier


lifestyle & to be trained by a woman who knows her stuff. 


As the weeks went by, the weight & inches were both coming off. Having Jeannine as a great coach, being in a supportive environment & training with my partner in crime Tanya at my side, I was able to drop over 12 pounds & many inches. 


This Challenge worked for me & can work for anyone who stays


focused & wants to see realistic results. 

Thanks a bunch Jeannine for putting together a great program & helping me achieve my goals.”


– Kim Lennon


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