7 Tips for Successful Weight Loss, Day 1

This past weekend we launched our real [FIT] life Workshop, “You CAN Lose Weight. Here’s how”.


We’re sorry if you missed it, but here’s the good news. 


Over the next 7 days I am going to share with you the 7 Key Tips that we focused on during the workshop. You can focus on these as well, to achieve successful weight loss and to help you keep the weight off for good. 


Here is Tip #1



Remember, don’t let your focus be so consumed by one measurement of progress that you forget about all the others! 



How good it FEELS to make healthy choices, consistently.

How certain parts of your body ARE changing (maybe faster than others). Appreciate those changes.

How proud you are of yourself for embarking on a life changing journey.

How your clothes are fitting differently.

How you’re sleeping better.

How you’re selecting healthier foods.


And anything else! Noting these changes and writing them down each day is a great way to take note of all of your progress over time.


See you tomorrow!


Jeannine Trimboli

Founder, real [FIT] life


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