About Us

Jeannine Trimboli is the creator of real [FIT] life.  It is her goal to help you bring out your awesome through strength.

With twenty years experience in the fitness industry, and more in life, Jeannine understands the complexities of staying in shape while keeping your ship afloat.

As a woman who worked hard to regain her shape and fitness levels after the birth of each of her four children, all while living a really busy lifestyle; Jeannine understands the obstacles you deal with.

Her entire coaching approach is about meeting you exactly where you are at and guiding you to grow stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Jeannine coaches every real [FIT] life’r as an individual.  She wants to teach you how to make fitness a consistent part of your real life and puts great focus on quality of output, and enjoyment of the process, rather than quantity alone.

Yet at the same time, she gets amazing results out of her clients, inspiring them to want more.

In his most recent book “Strong”, author and journalist Lou Schuler describes Jeannine as “one of the most sincere individuals he has met in the fitness industry over the past two decades, who wants more than anything to help people reach their goals.”