All women have beautiful summer bods

ModCloth Swimsuit Campaign


There is a trend occurring right now, and I love it!


Articles featuring everyday women like you and me, and all of our friends, modeling adorable, trendy suits.


They are showing their skin, their curves, their cellulite, their stretch marks, and they all look fabulous!


I LOVE this! 


Back in February, when I first shared  Modcloth’s Swimsuit Campaign on my facebook page, I mentioned how much better ALL women would feel about our bodies if we frequently saw greater diversity and actual media representation of ALL body types.


These women are shown feeling happy, playful, and exuding confidence in their skin.


ModCloth Swimsuit Campaign


Then Buzzfeed posted THIS awesome article. Women trying on Victoria Secret bathing suits, restaging the VS models poses, and looking really fabulous! 


I also give the girls major kudos in their interview clips, for expressing appreciation for the actual VS models and the reality that their job is no where near as easy or glamorous as it would seem. It points out that this is an INclusion campaign. Not a campaign for making anyone look bad.


Buzzfeed Staff Members (right) Model VS Swimwear


We’re ALL women and we should each appreciate one another minus the unneeded, unproductive hate.


Like the sentiment I had expressed back in my original post, women everywhere are echoing the thought that seeing models like us in the media, who we can relate to and who better represent ALL of us, makes us feel better about ourselves. About our bodies. About our identity as equally feminine, sexy, and beautiful individuals in a society that has mostly held that definition for a very small percentage of women. 


And from a marketing stand point, isn’t it a bit genius, really? I am MUCH more likely to buy a bathing suit which I have seen modeled by someone who’s body type better represents my own.


I think that most of us would. Hello, marketers. Cha ching?


 Buzzfeed Staff Members Model VS Swimwear




Yes I’m yelling and yes I’m excited, and hell no, I won’t be apologizing for it.


I hope that this wave continues and I think that if we women continue to send the message that we want more of this, that is exactly what we’ll get.


I mean, come on, ladies. It’s social media. We can use it how ever the hell we want. 


Here’s to BEAUTY. DIVERSE beauty. EVERY woman is REAL beauty. 


Now go rock those bathing suits!



Jeannine Trimboli

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