Another 12 minute workout

 Want more time to enjoy your summer?


 I’ve been promising another 12 minute workout so today I’m giving you one.


The last 12 minute workout I shared was very well received. I’m glad you liked it! You can find that here.


I love short cardio workouts. Heart rate elevating exercises are great for reducing stress and increasing over all good vibes. There’s something about moving my body through all planes of motion. Jumping, shuffling, leaping. Explosive, energetic movements just feel good. And the older I get, the more I seem to find them important. Maybe because they make me feel playful and young? 


 Cardio cat lady?



This workout was made up on the fly in my family room, on a weekend morning while my kids were still asleep. No makeup, no styling my hair. Just me and my cats.


Seeing as it’s summer, the less time it takes to get a solid work out, means more quality moments to hang with my kids. Schools out yet they still keep me busy!


These exercises require some jumping as well as moderate coordination skills. If the original moves shown look to be too hard just check out the modified options instead. There are additional links shared in the text beneath the videos. 


I promise, there is something doable here for everyone.


So grab a timer, a glass of water, a towel to mop your soon-to-be sweaty brow, and let’s get moving!


Here is todays 12 minute workout:


Perform each of these 5 exercises in sequence with little to no rest between. 

Rest 2 minutes and repeat all 5 for one more round.


1. Mountain climbers     40 seconds
















To modify these, you can elevate your hands on a chair. (watch here) 

As you get stronger, you can use a lower level like a box. (watch here)

If the “running legs” transition is too challenging, start with single hop switches. (watch here)


2. Kneeling pushups     40 seconds




















(If you are performing this workout on a rest day between lifting sessions, stick to the kneeling variation. If you’re using this as an overall workout, feel free to do regular push ups or elevated push ups)



3. Lateral jumping lunges with touchdowns    40 seconds
















(Feel free to jump as far as you can.  I was trying to keep mine within the camera frame) 


To perform these without the jump, or if touching the floor is too far of a reach, watch here.


4. Plyo squat jacks on a box     40 seconds
















You could also omit the box and do these on the floor.

To omit the jumping altogether you can perform Box straddle steps. (watch here)  

(If using the straddle variation, be sure to perform an equal number with both lead legs, by switching at the 20 second mark.)


5. 1 Jump forward, 2 jumps back

















(The goal here is to jump as far as you can. If you’re new to this and unsure, take smaller jumps.)


If you need to modify to lessen the impact, here’s an “no jumping” alternative. (watch here) (make sure you perform an equal number of reps per leg.  2 big steps forward with your right leg, 2 big steps backward with your right leg. At the 20 second mark, switch to a left leg lead forward and backward)


 Tiffany is not impressed with my pushups


Remember, after you’ve done all 5 exercises, rest 2 minutes before you do it again. Pay attention to your form and be sure to pick the variation that’s right for your current ability level.


Just as I was finishing my last round of jumps, my daughter came downstairs, ready for breakfast. It’s a great feeling to get your workout in and done before the rest of the day gets away from you. 


Now get out there!


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Jeannine Trimboli, CEO, real [FIT] life