FREE Fitness Tip Videos #14, 15, 16, and 17, 30 Days to Lift Away the Stigma


Hi guys! I’ve been sick for the past several days so we’ve got some catching up to do! 


Today’s blog rolls 4 Fitness Tips into 1 Video and I’m sharing more of my favorite Circuit Workout exercises. 


Remember why we’re here, okay? To Lift Away the Stigma of Mental Illness and to help raise money for the Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. 


Join us for an Amazing 30 Minute Circuit Workout that’s “Challenging Yet Doable” for any fitness level, at real [FIT] life on Giving Tuesday, November 28th. To register, go here. 100% of your payment goes to MHANY’s and their campaign to Take Away the Stigma of Mental Illness.



While you’re working out with us, you can hang with 100.9 The Cat. They’ll be at the event with us from 4-6pm. You can also fill out a card and #tellyourstory and share it on our #MentalHealthMatters Wall.


Mental Health Fact #14: Studies show that people with mental health problems get better and many recover completely. Recovery refers to the process in which people are able to live, work, learn, and participate fully in their communities. There are more treatments, services, and community support systems than ever before, and they work. (Mental



Mental Health Fact #15: Treatment for mental health problems varies depending on the individual and could include medication, therapy, or both. Many individuals work with a support system during the healing and recovery process. (Mental


Mental Health Fact #16: Friends and loved ones can make a big difference. Only 44% of adults with diagnosable mental health problems and less than 20% of children and adolescents receive needed treatment. Friends and family can be important influences to help someone get the treatment and services they need by: 

  • Reaching out and letting them know you are available to help

  • Helping them access mental health services

  • Learning and sharing the facts about mental health, especially if you hear something that isn’t true

  • Treating them with respect, just as you would anyone else

  • Refusing to define them by their diagnosis or using labels such as “crazy” (Mental


Mental Health Fact #17: Prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders focuses on addressing known risk factors such as exposure to trauma that can affect the chances that children, youth, and young adults will develop mental health problems. Promoting the social-emotional well-being of children and youth leads to:

  • Higher overall productivity

  • Better educational outcomes

  • Lower crime rates

  • Stronger economies

  • Lower health care costs

  • Improved quality of life

  • Increased lifespan

  • Improved family life










Here are Tips #14. 15, 16, and 17 of 30 Days to Lift Away the Stigma.

1. Ultimate sandbag clean and press

2. Kettlebell Swings

3. Football running drill

4. Kettlebell push press


All of these moves elevate your heart rate and three of them work your entire body from head to toe. There’s a lot of core activation too. Take your time learning to do them properly! Some of these will be in our Circuit Training Marathon on November 28th! 


Fitness Tips #14, 15, 16, and 17, Four Awesome Circuit Training Moves

Here are some visual reminders. (Click on the photos to enlarge).




If you’d like to participate in our Circuit Training Marathon, and help “Lift Away the Stigma” of Mental Illness go HERE to register online or download your registration form and mail it in! And if you can’t attend, we’d still love your support. No matter where you live, this is an important matter that affects all of us. 


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