FREE Fitness Tip Videos #29 and #30, 30 Days to Lift Away the Stigma

 Well you guys, it’s here. Today is Giving Tuesday and tonight starting at 4pm, we kick off our first annual Lift Away the Stigma, Circuit Training Marathon. 


People have asked me what is this event? What’s it for?


When you live with a loved one that struggles with mental illness and when you’re open about your story and your struggles, other people share their stories too. I’ve heard many people’s stories about themselves, their children, spouses, parents, cousins, nieces and nephews. It seems everyone knows someone struggling with mental illness.


But I didn’t know just HOW MANY people I knew who had these stories. It has been a comfort to me as a parent of a child with anxiety and depression, when I can talk to other parents or adults who have had the same struggles or their kids have. 


And the more we all feel that we can talk to one another, the more likely people get the help they need and at a faster rate.


This event, Lift Away the Stigma, is meant to bring greater awareness to the topic of mental illness. To get more people talking about it, learning about it, and to pay attention to the fact that many people need our help, our love, acceptance and understanding, as well as proper medical care and therapy. 



It’s also meant to meld the worlds of physical fitness and mental fitness into one, a celebration of sorts. And I want you to come sweat it out with us TONIGHT! Celebrate how good movement can make us FEEL! And show your support in helping us Lift Away the Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness.


And of course, we are also raising money for the Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. Their services are all centered around the mission to Take Away the Stigma of Mental illness and to provide services and outreach to people struggling with mental illness AND to provide education about mental illness to our community at large.


Go HERE to register or you can come to real [FIT] life tonight and register at the door. 100.9 The Cat will be there with us, featuring Dana Race from the morning show, from 4-6pm and our we have 30 Minute Circuit Workouts running every 30 minutes till 8pm. 


 Here are today’s final fitness tip videos!!


Fitness Tip Video #29, Burpees

 Fitness Tip Video #30, Lateral Lunge with a hop 

 That’s it, you guys! 


Our 30 Day Countdown is complete! 



Now come to real [FIT] life TONIGHT and try some of these exercises with us! I want you to come work out with me THIS EVENING, Giving Tuesday, November 28th me in an AMAZING 30 Minute Circuit Workout that is “Challenging Yet Doable” for every and any fitness level! Help us Lift Away the Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness and raise money for Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc.


If you’re intimidated by the word “marathon” know that you only work out for 30 Minutes! That’s it! 12 Exercises in a round. You do each exercise for 30 seconds (then rest for 30 seconds) and you go around 2 times. This is appropriate for any fitness level. We are going to have SO much fun! You can do this!



You can bring a group of friends, family, co- workers as a team and do the circuit together. Just go here and register and then email me at and let me know who’s on your team!


OR register AT THE EVENT, TONIGHT! 4-8pm. Thank you!


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Jeannine Trimboli

Founder, real [FIT] life


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one lift at a time.”