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 Mental Health Fact #9: Mood swings are common during adolescence. However, approximately one in five adolescents has a diagnosable mental disorder, such as depression and/or anxiety disorders. Friends and family can watch for warning signs of mental disorders and urge young people to get help.

(U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)


Mental Health Fact #10: When left untreated, mental health disorders can lead to serious—even life-threatening—consequences. Depression, other mental health disorders, and substance abuse are major risk factors for suicide.8 Suicide is the second leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds.6 As of 2013, children ages 10 to 14 are more likely to die from suicide than in a motor vehicle accident.7 Any concerns that family members or healthcare providers have about an adolescent’s mental health should be promptly addressed.

(U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)


In our last segment, I told you part of my daughters story. With her permission, I shared with you the reason why Lifting Away the Stigma of Mental Illness is so important and personal to me. 


If you’d like to read that, you can go here


Since sharing her story many people have reached out in writing or in person to say thank you for being so open about her struggles and they’ve shared their own. 


Today I was speaking with Joelle Monaco, of MHANY’s. She is planning our Lift Away the Stigma Circuit Training Marathon with me. She pointed out to me the importance of joining physical health with mental health. It seems so obvious but I’ve been so focused on this event and raising awareness that this very simple fact escaped even me. And I talk about it with our real [FIT] life’rs ALL the time! 


Just today one of our newest members overheard a conversation I was having with another real [FIT] life’r. We were talking about the positive impact fitness can have on a persons state of mind. Being in our bodies, using them to their fullest capability, and achieving the healthiest physical state we possibly can gives us feelings of accomplishment and greater confidence. When we feel better about our physical state that also connects to our mental state.


I know this but hearing it from my members when they feel it happening is the best thing ever. Today that newest member told me that she is really feeling how her new, fit lifestyle is helping her to process emotions that have been bottled up and keeping her in the past. Our bodies and our minds are connected and fitness can be a vehicle to help us process grief, stress, anger, fear, and joy. Just moving and being in our bodies frees us up to process feelings we sometimes don’t even realize we’re holding in. Fitness truly is a form of medicine!


Some of us need other forms of treatment in tandem with a fit lifestyle. We may need medications and therapy. Your doctor is the best person to talk to about what’s feeling good and what isn’t and to help you figure out how to create a plan that’s best for you. The worst thing you can do is ignore the signs when something doesn’t feel right. 


And that’s why we’re here! To raise awareness (and money!) and to educate all of us about Mental Illness and help Lift Away the Stigma. All of the money we raise goes to the Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. (MHANY’s) and supports their mission to take away the Stigma of Mental Illness through education campaigns, classes, workshops, and all sorts of other great stuff.


Help us Lift Away the Stigma of Mental Illness! It’s time this topic was addressed with greater acceptance.  Go here to REGISTER for our Lift Away the Stigma, Circuit Training Marathon event, which we’re holding on Giving Tuesday, November 28th, from 4 – 8pm at our real [FIT] life gym in Albany, NY. You can get all of the details, and register by going here. Thank you for your support.

Here’s Tips #9 and #10 of 30 Days to Lift Away the Stigma, The Split Squat and 3 of My Favorite Circuit Training Moves. You may very well see these in our Circuit Workout at Lift Away the Stigma. You’re coming, right??


Fitness Tip #9, Split Squats


Here are some visual reminders. Click on the photos to enlarge. 


 Fitness Tip #10, 3 of My Favorite Circuit Training Moves


Here are some visual reminders. Click on the photos to enlarge.



This event is suitable for all fitness levels. At real [FIT] life we want everyone to feel capable and like they belong, and I promise, this event will have something doable for everyone. I’ll be sharing more details about the actual workout we’ll be doing at Lift Away the Stigma over these next 30 days. Many of the exercises I’m showing you in this 30 day video series will be IN the Circuit Training Marathon so if you follow along, you’ll know how to do them!


If you’d like to participate in our Circuit Training Marathon, and help “Lift Away the Stigma” go HERE to register online or download your registration form and mail it in! And if you can’t attend, we’d still love your support. No matter where you live, this is an important matter that affects all of us. 


100.9 The Cat will be joining us at our Circuit Training Marathon on Giving Tuesday as well, and they’ll broadcast live from our real [FIT] life studio. 


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