FREE Fitness Video Tip #5, 30 Days to Lift Away the Stigma

 Mental Health Fact #5: 50% of people with heart disease will experience an episode of depression in their lifetime. 

– People diagnosed with clinical depression are more than twice as likely to develop coronary artery disease or suffer a heart attack.


As a coach, one of the things I spend a GREAT deal of time teaching to all of our real [FIT] life’rs is the skill of creating maximum body tension and full muscle activation. SO many exercises can be made more challenging by simply focusing on engaging (tightening) the muscles that are supposed to be doing the work.


If you can learn to do this, BEFORE adding additional load, you will see much greater results, AND you’ll be much less likely to incur an injury. It’s worth the time investment.  And that’s what we continue to learn about in today’s FREE Fitness Video Tip #5.


 If you missed our earlier tips you can find those here by clicking on the numbers: FREE Fitness Video Tips #1, #2, #3, and #4.


And let’s remember why we’re all here and why I’m investing so much time to bring you these Fitness Tips. It because I want ALL OF US to help raise awareness and money to Lift Away the Stigma of Mental Illness. All of the money we raise goes to the Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. (MHANY’s) and supports their mission to take away the Stigma of Mental Illness through education campaigns, classes, workshops, and all sorts of other great stuff.


This FREE 30 Day Fitness Tip Video Series is our countdown to real [FIT] life’s first EVER charity event. We’re partnering with MHANY’s to raise money to help Lift Away the Stigma of Mental Illness, and I want this to make a real impact.  


Help us Lift Away the Stigma of Mental Illness! It’s time this topic was addressed with greater acceptance.  Go here to REGISTER for our Lift Away the Stigma, Circuit Training Marathon event, which we’re holding on Giving Tuesday, November 28th, from 4 – 8pm at our real [FIT] life gym in Albany, NY. You can get all of the details, and register by going here. Thank you for your support.


Here’s Tip #5 of 30 Days to Lift Away the Stigma, The Step up. I’m sharing a couple exercises that use this movement pattern and I’m also teaching you how to make this exercise really WORK! Lot’s of people go on auto pilot when performing this exercise and miss out on it’s max potential. Don’t be one of those people! 


Today’s video is just under 10 minutes. 


Fitness Tip #5, The Step up


Here are some visual reminders. Click on the photos to enlarge.


This event is suitable for all fitness levels. At real [FIT] life we want everyone to feel capable and like they belong, and I promise, this event will have something doable for everyone. I’ll be sharing more details about the actual workout we’ll be doing at Lift Away the Stigma over these next 30 days. Many of the exercises I’m showing you in this 30 day video series will be IN the Circuit Training Marathon so if you follow along, you’ll know how to do them!


If you’d like to participate in our Circuit Training Marathon, and help “Lift Away the Stigma” go HERE to register online or download your registration form and mail it in! And if you can’t attend, we’d still love your support. No matter where you live, this is an important matter that affects all of us. 


100.9 The Cat will be joining us at our Circuit Training Marathon on Giving Tuesday as well, and they’ll broadcast live from our real [FIT] life studio. 


Jeannine Trimboli

Founder, real [FIT] life


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 (Must register by November 6th to be an early registrant)