FREE Fitness Video Tip #6, 30 Days to Lift Away the Stigma


Mental Health Fact #6: 82% of LGBTQIA+ Youth screened positive for a mental health condition. (1 in 10 young people experienced a period of major depression in 2014)


Hi everyone, welcome back to day 6 of my 30 day Fitness Tip Video series, 30 days to Lift Away the Stigma of mental illness.


We are counting down to real [FIT] life’s Circuit Training Marathon which will be held on Giving Tuesday, November 28th, from 4-8pm, at our real [FIT] life gym here in Albany, NY


Come work out with us in this “Challenging Yet Doable” 30 Minute Fitness Circuit and help us raise money and awareness to support the Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. and their campaign to Take Away the Stigma of Mental Illness.

 Remember, you must register by November 6th, if you want to get a t-shirt in your size and a wellness goody bag valued at $40. We need time to order everything. You can go HERE to register


And speaking of deadlines, have you ever set a goal for yourself and started with the full intention of finishing with great results, only to lose your steam and motivation a short way in? In the fitness industry, one of my toughest jobs as a coach is to give my real [FIT] life’rs the tough love they need to stay on track once they’ve set their intention to reach a goal.


Starting is the EASY part once you’ve decided what you want to achieve. But once roadblocks start popping up, and we realize the level of commitment it’s REALLY going to require, many of us tend to back off and start to tell ourselves, “it’s too hard”, “maybe I don’t really need this that much”, or “maybe this goal was unrealistic”.



Look, maybe you just don’t believe you’re WORTHY of the things you want. Self sabotage, and a lack of stick-with-it-ness are common and I see people stray from their goals frequently. Work gets in the way, family commitments are calling, our social lives seem more fun, and we’re mentally tired.


When you set a goal for yourself, you need to anticipate setbacks from the start and know that you will have to tackle them. Will this journey be challenging? Of course it will. You’re not being honest with yourself if you expect it to happen seamlessly.


The question is WHY do you want to accomplish your goal and do you really think you deserve to accomplish it? And that is what we talk about in today’s video. 


It’s just under 9 minutes:


Fitness tip #6, Mindset, motivation, and self sabotage. Let’s have an honest talk.




Remember why we’re here!  Help us Lift Away the Stigma of Mental Illness! It’s time this topic was addressed with greater acceptance. Go here to REGISTER for our Lift Away the Stigma, Circuit Training Marathon event, which we’re holding on Giving Tuesday, November 28th, from 4 – 8pm at our real [FIT] life gym in Albany, NY. Thank you for your support!


100.9 The Cat will be joining us, helping us keep the energy up and motivation high. 



Tomorrow I’ll be back with Fitness Tip #7. If you need to get caught up on all the other Fitness Tips I’ve shared so far, you can go here to do that.


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