Getting in shape: Yes, it's a chore

Getting my chore of a session in


Is getting in shape a priority for you?  Do you want it to be?


Healthy living does not “just happen” one day. Carving new habits requires planning, commitment, consistency, and discipline.


Well, that’s sounds tedious, doesn’t it? Of course it does!! Is there anything truly worth while that you have acquired in your life that you didn’t have to actually work for?


Really think about it. 


Once we acknowledge that a legitimate goal will require legitimate work, we’ve now begun a new type of journey that implements maturity and a realistic mindset.


This past week I started a second job, moved my family out of our home of 14 years, moved into a new one, AND continued to run my business, real [FIT] life‚Äč. During this time, I also kept my own training sessions scheduled, and held myself accountable. I showed up. 


real [FIT] life’r, Amy, once said about her training sessions, “I look at this like brushing my teeth. It’s something that has to be done.”


What if you looked at fitness the same way Amy does? As something that must be done, just like all the other things you don’t go without doing day to day, week to week, and cannot skip over?


PJ training his Renegade rows


I’d like to say that fitness is fun for everyone, and for most it eventually is, but it isn’t always an immediate love affair.


real [FIT] life’r Jessica will be quick to tell you what a chore it was for her to attend her training sessions for a long time, but one day that chore became a labor of love, and she has become one of our most devoted lifters. 

Jessica trains block pulls


Working hard FEELS like hard work because it IS. (Umm, right?) To get results, it HAS to be. Somewhere along the way people actually started to think they could get meaningful results minus the work. Wrong.


If you don’t enjoy working out, maybe it’s time to accept that as a fact, get over it, and do it anyway. If you stick with it long enough I guarantee there is one thing you will like. The results.


This straight talk was brought to you by real [FIT] life.


Now get out there.


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Jeannine Trimboli, CEO, real [FIT] life