IWTBPL: Week 2, Deadlift

Hi everyone! I am back from a wonderful extended weekend in Florida and it’s time to share my progress for this week’s training. Last week and this week are short as I am soon heading to Kansas City for The Fitness Summit. I will be fitting training in as best as I can until my schedule returns to normal.


If you want to read about my bench and deadlift for week one, and see the videos, you can go here.


I also want to share my current numbers for weight and measurements. Again, the reason I am doing this is so that all of you can see how lifting does, and doesn’t, affect size and weight. Also keep in mind that diet plays a large role in these numbers. The foods you eat, even the times at which you eat them, and the supplements one uses, all play a significant role in weight, including body composition. (muscle and fat)


To read more, and to see my videos, click HERE.