IWTBPL: Week 2, Squat (let’s talk form)

As a fitness professional, my top priority is to provide honest, accurate information to all of you. I strive to keep my message simple and easy to understand. I try to find new ways to inspire you. I want you to look at fitness and training as something that can be accessible to anyone at any time, and also as something rewarding and fun. The things I am doing now, I couldn’t do four years ago. Consistent work is what has brought me to my current skill level. At any time, any one of you can do the same.


All you have to do is start.


Time constraints are nothing foreign to me. I make training a necessary priority and I let other things slide in order to make time. Dirty dishes sit on my kitchen counter. My home is hardly spotless. I don’t watch television and some mornings I forgo doing my makeup and styling my hair so that I can get out the door faster. The trade off is having more energy, feelings of accomplishment, and mental clarity. When I train I decompress and nurture my own needs.


Call it selfish, that’s okay. It’s a good kind of selfish.


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