IWTBPL: Week 3 and some of 4 (and things I have learned)

I’m not sure when I fell so far behind getting you guys caught up on my training, but I have some new numbers to show you.


I’ll keep my commentaries short but there are some things I have learned over these last four weeks.


They are:


1. I am definitely a power lifter.


I may not end up being the best at it but that’s not why I started all of this in the first place. This training process already has me craving bigger numbers and my excitement increases each week.


2.Lifting with your boyfriend is super sexy. Okay, maybe I have said this before, but it really warrants repeating. 


3. Play with your weights.


Everyone has their way of doing this and they often think it’s the only way. I am looking for whatever way is right for me, not for other people, and that requires confidence in my own decision making.


3. Don’t get stuck


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