IWTBPL: Week 3, Bench and deadlift (PR’s and PF’s)

PR’s, PF’s, SL RDL’s. Geesh. What’s with all these acronyms? Some of my real [FIT] life’rs were actually joking about this in a recent training session.


PR stands for Personal Record. Sometimes you’ll see the letters PB, which stands for Personal Best. PF, which I think I just made up,  stands for Personal Fail. And while a PR or PB sounds impressive and is something one should be proud of, I use the term PF with a lot of humor. It reminds me not to take myself too seriously. When training, I’m intrigued by my ups and my downs. What factors made one lifting session so successful and what caused me to seriously tank in another?


Was it my diet? Was I tired? Am I PMS’ing? (No joke. The week before my period, I tend to see some serious drops in my strength levels. For a day or two I feel shaky, off center, more emotionally sensitive, and I find my recovery lags)


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