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Tuesday, October 24th    LISTEN HERE

Jeannine’s first visit on The Cat got off to a solid, laughable start. Dana, Kevin and Josh join her in discussing the necessity of good hair days, morning caffeination, gym intimidation and etiquette, and the importance in letting people know that fitness is for everyone.


Tuesday, November 7th   LISTEN HERE

We talk about mental health, hear Jeannine talk about why it’s important to her and her family. We also learn about the important connection between physical health and mental, why it’s sometimes okay to skip a workout or more, and learn about the Circuit Workout Marathon, Lift Away the Stigma.

Tuesday, November 21st   LISTEN HERE

Dana, Kevin, Josh and Jeannine talk about everything Thanksgiving Day related. How can we pace ourselves during our meal yet still enjoy it? Do we really have to work out before the big meal? Will it matter?  And how do we deal with those loved ones in our families who push more food on us even when we’ve really had enough? Jeannine coaches Kevin on how to turn down his Grandmothers food with charm.


Tuesday, December 5th   LISTEN HERE 

Dana, Jeannine, and Josh talk about Interval Training and how to do it the right way. Dana talks about how much fun she had working out at the Lift Away the Stigma Circuit Training Marathon and Jeannine gives tips on how much HIIT is the right mix for best results.

Tuesday, December 19th  LISTEN HERE

Dana, Kevin, and Jeannine talk about the Holiday Detour many of us take from fitness through New Years, and how to stay on the path to fitness. Jeannine shares the magic of the 30 minute total body workout with short rests and no chit chat. You can find that special sample workout plan that she created for you here.



Tuesday, January 2nd      *     (coming soon)

Tuesday, January 30th  LISTEN HERE

“Lower body workouts” are the theme and Jeannine teaches Dana, Kevin, and Josh about the benefits of training those big muscles in your lower half. They also had fun making some LIVE video on Facebook and Jeannine trained Josh on the spot. Just hit play!

And if you’d like to see 6 of Jeannine’s favorite lower body exercises, you can watch those here.


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Dana and Jeannine at Lift Away the Stigma 2017

100.9 The Cat, Ryan at Lift Away the Stigma 2017

Dana masters hanging knee raises like a boss at Lift Away the Stigma, 2017