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real [FIT] life’rs

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Why our community loves real [FIT] life


“Thank you for making me truly realize what I’ve heard before but didn’t really believe…that healthy choices can happen in my life without special equipment or expensive, one-size-fits-all prescribed plans. As I hit the pavement this weekend in my new sneakers, I thought of you…and as I felt that workout the next morning, I knew we did something right. Thank you for making it real for me!”
Sara Gabrielle

“I was looking for a strength trainer and a friend recommended Jeannine. Since I began my journey at real [FIT] life I am definitly noticing a difference. Jeannine ensures that each rep is done properly, which increases the effectiveness of your workout and lessens the chance of injury. She has also given me several tips on measuring different areas to ensure I am getting the results I desire. Thank you, Jeannine!”
Christine Orminski Frith

“Thanks, Jeannine! I’m proud to have you as my trainer and friend. I value all you have taught me. I’ve been athletic most of my life and a soccer and cardio nut and a runner. It’s eye-opening and amazing to me how little I know about the importance of form and strength training. You have taught me this in a safe, friendly environment. It’s incredibly challenging and fulfills my crazy desire to be fit. Thank you for being so real and so fit yourself.”
Alex Buitron

“Jeannine is #1 in my book for being a true person and speaking straight to everyone she meets. She encourages and supports her clients in their goals – fitness and personal – and always has a smile. real [FIT] life is not just a business, it’s a way of thinking, and by being at the gym you feel it. If you’re on the cuff or have any reservations I urge you to try it, and not just once. You need to try something a few times before you really know you like it, right? Happy summer training!”
Matt Mason

“Within the past year my body and self esteem has gone through an amazing transformation while working out at real [FIT] life. Jeannine has nurtured me on all levels of life really allowing me to embrace myself and encourage positive growth. I’ve been pushed when I didn’t think I could go heavier or harder and have learned that I’m much stronger inside and out than I give myself credit for.

I’m looking forward to seeing how strong I can become in a physical, mental and emotional aspect.

Bottom line… Fitting fitness into real life initially felt complicated after graduating and getting into the real world but thanks to Jeaninne, her positive environment and the amazing workout buddies I’ve found it’s gotten a whole lot easier.”

Caitlin Sternberg

“Jeannine is an amazing trainer! She is very knowledgeable in her craft and is able to modify movements to accommodate all abilities. You are always challenging yourself and pushing your body to new limits, but always safely and with the right technique! Workouts are switched up every 6 weeks, so there is no boredom of the same routine and she always has a well thought out plan of the next steps to take with her group! I have been doing her group training for about 6 months now and would highly recommend it to anyone!”
Chrissy Haase