Perform Ab wheel roll outs the RIGHT way


 Go to any gym and you are more than likely to see a couple ab wheels lying around. 


The ab wheel can be a great tool for training the core, but it’s important to know that using an ab wheel is not the best choice if you’re a beginner.


It’s best to first focus on foundational core exercises which train your body to maintain stabilization of your entire trunk, including the hips, BEFORE adding any type of roll out exercises into your core training.


And once you do add ab wheel exercises, you want to be sure you can perform them properly so as not to hurt your back.


 In today’s video (which I threw together super fast this morning) I talk about the best way to introduce ab wheel roll outs into your training program and how to gradually progress them over time.



Let’s just quickly review all of the important cues for a safe, effective ab wheel roll out.


1. Start on all fours, hips over your knees, shoulder blades tight on the back and depressed down towards your back pockets.


2. Brace your abs, tighten your glutes (butt), and scoop your pelvis forward (if needed).


3. Lead with the hips as you roll forward. Don’t lead with the wheel. (That wheel doesn’t need to get out in front of you until you progress to a full layout)

 4. Stay tight in your midsection. At no time should you go into back extension. (hips dropping and back arching) See photo up top or watch the video for a refresher.


5. Press the wheel INTO the floor as you roll back to your start position.


6. Start with smaller ranges of distance, and only increase that distance if you can still maintain safe form.

 7. Your back should not hurt when you do these. If it does, STOP immediately.


Remember, it doesn’t matter what level of “difficulty” you select when you perform an exercise. What DOES matter is that you select a level that challenges you but you can still perform properly. Your body just know it’s working hard. That’s all you need to get results.


Now get out there!

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