real [FIT] life offers Semi Private Personal Training sessions in groups of 6 or less so that you get all the attention you need. Your training program is designed specifically for you. Every 4 to 6 weeks you get a new program design that grows and changes with your new strength and skill sets!

Let us help you find the program that best fits your goals! Contact us to schedule a FREE Strategy Session!


With The Basics you get 2 Semi Private Personal Training Sessions every week. Your workout program is designed specifically for you, your goals, and

your fitness level. As you get stronger and your fitness levels increase, your program changes and grows with you.  

In every workout you are closely coached by a knowledgeable trainer who teaches you how to do everything properly so you get the best results every time.

You are never training in a group larger than 6, including yourself, and you get your own workout station to train in.

As you progress, your program does too. Your workout is solely for you and even though you’re training among other members, you’re not necessarily doing the same workout. Everything istailored to your needs and your goals.

Our Elite Membership combines the best of both and gives you the perfect recipe of 2 Weekly Semi Private Strength Training Sessions (6 people or less) with your own Personalized Program designplus Unlimited Group Fitness Classes.

Every training session is created for you, your needs, and your ability level, all while helping you achieve the specific goals you’ve created with your coach.

Even though you’re training along side other members, your workout is solely designed for you. You get your own workout station, equipment and program. 

Our Essentials Membership offers Unlimited Group Fitness Training Classes every month.

Train in a small group setting (16 people or less) as many times per week as you like, and enjoy the benefits of high energy classes that help you burn fat, improve your overall fitness levels, and increase strength!

Get personalized attention with a strong focus on form, technique, and proper pacing. Modifications are always available to scale your workout to fit your needs, even in a group setting!