The blog, anyway. real [FIT] life never really left but we’ve grown and I’ve grown and it’s time to return to “the blog”.

There are a lot of reasons I stopped writing.

Overwhelmed, parenthood, trying to navigate basic survival and to be honest, absolute burn out.

But through all of that, I’ve never stopped working and pursuing my vision. I was just focusing on other aspects. Really important ones.

My passion for fitness and the message I want to share has only increased during this time away.

Having coffee with a professional acquaintance recently, I explained to him my original motivation as a group fitness instructor 20 years ago.

“I never really worried about the people in the front row, scrambling for their spots in class. I knew they were motivated. It’s the people in the back I always wanted to inspire. The ones who tried to blend into the walls and felt like they didn’t belong. It was always my goal to get them to stay.”

He told me I should write that down. So there it is.

And if you go dig up my original posts in my early days of blogging for the Times Union nearly 10 years ago you’ll see my message was the same. Make fitness accessible and doable for the people who don’t think it’s for them. If you’re already killing it at the gym, and thrilled with your results, you don’t need me.

I have some other goals in all of this. I want to set the record straight on all the misinformation that’s rampant in the fitness industry. To help you decipher between what’s absolute bullshit and the stuff that will give you the results you want and deserve.

I want to teach you how to love or at least LIKE the body you’re living in. To realize it’s amazing potential regardless of what age you are.

 I want to share my own stories because I’ve been where some of you are today. I’ve traveled the journey and I have struggled. I have also overcome those struggles through patience, trial and error, and lot’s of stick-with-it-ness. I am incredibly grateful for the road I’ve journeyed (all of it) and the lessons I’ve learned. It makes me want to give back all the more.

So welcome back to real [FIT] life.

I’m really excited for this next chapter.

Jeannine Trimboli

real [FIT] life

Fitting fitness into REAL life