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 I used to be one of those people who would shun the thought of buying anything pre-packaged, thinking what a waste of money it was.


Yet at the same time, I would find myself throwing out fresh produce and meat far too often, because I never seemed to get around to cleaning and prepping it for consumption. That also meant I never got around to eating it. Most days I was just too busy.


So then I realized I was wasting my money anyways, buying food to only throw it away.


I have found that the easiest way for me to eat healthy, balanced meals on the regular, and waste less food, frequently involves convenience items. As a single mom of four, who runs a personal training studio, and has lot’s of clients to keep motivated and training hard, I need meals that can be prepped in mere minutes, yet will meet my calorie needs (and limits) with little extra thought. I also want meals that will give me lots of proteins and vegetables without all the prep time.


In this series, I’ll be sharing with you many of my favorite go to meals and snacks that are no brainers in the planning and prep departments. All that’s required is a reliable grocery list, a weekly trip to the store, and a well stocked fridge.


If you’re looking for fancy, you won’t find it here. (At least not yet. More to come on that topic very soon) However, if you’re looking for ideas that are so plain as the nose on your face, you cant believe you didn’t think of it, you’re in the right place.


This week I’m featuring rotisserie chicken. It’s the bomb. And yes, I eat the skin. A little fat in one’s diet can do wonders for one’s satiety and sanity. 


Here’s our go to purchases:


1. Vegetable tray with hummus or your choice of dressing. I never thought I’d buy these. But guess what, when it’s there and ready, I eat all of it. Sometimes I use the dip and snack. Sometimes I toss them in my salad. You can get organic if you like. They sell those, too. I buy the non organic. 


2. Pre – made salad mix. I don’t use the added dressing and toppings in the bag as I prefer my own dressing (#3) and just lots of veggies. The packaged part is what holds the excess, unnecessary calories I don’t want. I actually bought this one for my daughter but it expired today and she hadn’t eaten it yet. I usually just buy the bags with loads of mixed greens in them.


3. Hannaford balsamic and fig dressing. I LOVE this dressing. 2 tablespoons has only 80 calories and loads of flavor. Figs AND balsamic. Together. Hannaford, I love you. 


4. Rotisserie chicken. I get the plain rotisserie chicken. They also have seasoned as well as the “organic, all natural” for several extra dollars. Sometimes I put this in a salad chopped up. Sometimes I just eat it right out of the container with my fingers. You know you want to. 


I really like that you can reheat the chicken in the serving tray in the microwave. The natural juices keep the leftover chicken from drying up so its’ yummy every time. Just be sure to leave the top off when you reheat. 


Sometimes I combine all of the above into a salad mixing bowl and eat them all together as a salad and sometimes I eat them separately, or as snacks. They’re all there in my fridge, ready and waiting.


I do weigh my chicken on a scale. I’ll typically have 4 – 5 ounces for a meal. And I measure the dressing with a measuring spoon. 


Veggies aren’t for rationing, in my opinion. I just eat lots. 


If I have hummus or ranch with my veggies for a snack, I will measure that out too. It’s real easy to go overboard on dips without realizing.


So there we have it. It’s really that simple. You could easily throw this together and take it to work for your lunch, also. Just throw it in that cute thermal lunch bag you bought for yourself yet never seem to use. 


If you have any questions or great ideas of your own, please share them here. If you’d like to get more healthy, easy food ideas, be sure to get signed up for our



Stay sane and healthy!



Jeannine Trimboli

Founder, real [FIT] life



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