real [FIT] YOU

Launching March 8th 2020!

8 Weeks to a

real [FIT] YOU!


Get in shape, create the body you want, learn to

maintain your results and keep off the weight for good!

​No more yo-yo diets and no more needless sacrifice and punishment.

​Learn how to take control and get the results you want all while feeling stronger, more energetic, empowered and in control.

Change your life

for just


a week!

Your 8 Week program includes:

​2 Semi private Strength Training sessions per week (group size 6 or smaller)

​2 Metabolic training sessions per week

​Weekly Group Meeting to keep you on track and teach you valuable skills to make this for life!

​2 FREE Fit3d body scan appointments (valued at $125 each)

​A real [FIT] YOU t-shirt

Your own real [FIT] YOU tracking log with valuable weekly troubleshooting, eating tips and coaching encouragement.

​Personalized coaching and weekly check-in appointments.

Non member rate:   $674.00/one time payment

Payment plan option: 3 installments of $248.00

Member rate: $98.00 

Become a member and save!

Space is limited! Go here to save your spot today!

June, before joining our real [FIT] life program

This program is appropriate for any fitness level, even if you’ve never worked out before. Train in a personal, private environment where you will feel welcome and like you belong!

Let us help you reach your goals!

Results are guaranteed or you get a full refund!

If you’re ready to make a change, we’re ready to help!

At real [FIT] life we meet you where you’re at and teach you how to do things you never thought you could do!

With a variety of training times available, we work with your real-life schedule to make sure you get your workouts in and get the results you want!

​It’s time to become the person you want to be!

Join us and change your life today!