These Real people achieved amazing weight loss transformations!


It’s hard to believe July is almost finished! Didn’t summer just get here?


Time sure can fly. A lot can happen in 12 weeks or so. In fact, at real [FIT] life we just wrapped up our 15 Week “Get Ready for Summer” Makeover Challenge and our participants got incredible results! 


They also had a lot of a-ha moments and learned a lot about the importance of consistency and daily planning. And like many of you, they were really struggling to lose weight on their own. Some of our participants doubted that they could EVER lose weight and were pretty skeptical when they started our program.


But the participants who followed this Challenge and stuck with it lost a lot of weight and inches, all while getting stronger and increasing their cardiovascular fitness.


Like our first prize winner Tanya. Over the span of 15 Weeks she lost over 17 pounds and lost 19 inches.


And her best buddy Kim lost just over 12 pounds and 15 inches. She also got a better handle on managing her diabetes by eating a more balanced diet with more protein.


Tanya and Kim kept one another motivated by being each other’s support system and healthy competition. 


Want to learn more? Well, you sure can because over this next month we’ll be highlighting our real [FIT] life Makeover Winners and other participants as life inspiring examples.  I’ll share with you their trials and rewards of the weight loss and body transformation process.


It’s not easy, but as you’ll learn through their stories and successes, it IS possible.


Real people living real lives and making real progress. 


You’ll be inspired. I promise. 


Jeannine Trimboli

Founder, real [FIT] life 


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