Renegade rows the RIGHT way and "30 Days to Lift Away Stigma"

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In a couple weeks I’ll be launching my fitness video series, “30 days to LIFT Away Stigma”.



It’s a build up to our awesome charity event we’re planning at real [FIT] life to help MHANY’s (Mental Health Association of New York) raise money to continue to educate everyone about mental wellness and Help Fight Stigma associated with mental health issues.


 I’ll be sharing a personal story from my own life and explain why this cause is so personal, and important to me. 1 in 5 people will deal with a mental health issue at some point in their life. 


We should be talking about these things out in the open and letting others know that it’s okay and totally in the spectrum of NORMAL to deal with these types of struggles.


No one should have to struggle in shame or on their own.


You can read more below, but now let’s get to those Renegade Rows, an exercise that can make anyone feel strong and badass when mastered the RIGHT way. 


Chances are you’ve seen this exercise being done in your local gym, in a fitness magazine, or one of those ever popular “insanity times infinity” classes. They’re all the rage nowadays.


There are plenty of ways to butcher this exercise so I’m here to help you make sure you’re doing them correctly.


 I love renegade rows because you can accomplish a lot with this one move. Strengthen your core, strengthen your arms and back, and get your heart rate up. It’s an exercise that many of our real [FIT] life’rs love to hate! If you learn to do them correctly, you can too!


 You can watch my 4 minute video here: 


 It’s common for the hips to rise too high in order to compensate for balance. If you can’t row the dumbbells AND keep your hips level, go back to the bodyweight variation and master that first.






If you enjoy getting these fitness tips on the regular, be sure to get signed on to our newsletter. HERE.

In a couple weeks I’ll be launching my video series,

“30 days to LIFT Away Stigma”.



Education is power. So, I hope you’ll join me on this journey leading up to our big Circuit Training Marathon, Lift Away Stigma, on November 28th at our real [FIT] life studio. The Cat 100.9 will even be with us, broadcasting LIVE from our event. 


If you’d like to participate in our Circuit Training Marathon, and help “Lift Away Stigma” stay tuned for details to register! And if you can’t attend, we’d still love your support. No matter where you live, this is an important matter that affects all of us. 



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My video series is my gift to you to better your health!

Learn how to perform all your favorites the RIGHT way while scaling them to your current ability level. We’ll talk about the basic do’s and don’ts to always be aware of (because no, that guy at the gym that you’ve been secretly shadowing is NOT doing it correctly ) and how to tailor for special issues like problem wrists, or coming back from an injury. 




I’m so excited to launch my fitness video series, “30 Days to Lift Away Stigma”!!!


Fitness with a purpose. There’s nothing better! 


Jeannine Trimboli

Founder, real [FIT] life


“Helping people live happier, healthier, longer, stronger lives,

one lift at a time.”


 Thanks for reading this! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I always respond back!

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