Small changes aren't sexy. The results are.


 Me. 7 years ago.


If you’re getting ready to make some BIG changes this year, I’d like to persuade you to reconsider.


I know, I get it. Big changes are such a turn on. You get yourself all revved up. THIS is going to be the year you lose those nagging 30 pounds. THIS is going to be the year you fit into those smaller clothes you’ve been holding onto for the last 6 years. And THIS is definitely going to be the year that you crush some major fitness PR’s and become the lifting, running, pushing, pulling beast of an athlete you just know is begging to come out.


No more excuses. No more sneaking to the fridge in the middle of the night. No more skipping the gym and hitting the snooze alarm. No more sugar. No more carbs. No more alcohol. No more anything except pinpointed focus on your goals, your dream body, the REAL you just begging to come out.


Oh, please.

 ME. 2016.


Can we all come back down to reality for just a moment? Remember all those past years you thought the same thing? How’d that work for you? Seriously. 


I know it doesn’t seem all that exciting to plan for a slower transformation, but what if this time it took a little (or a lot) longer to achieve your goal, but you actually GOT there? And stayed there? What if it didn’t take 3 months, but a year, but you actually got to the end result and maintained it for years later?


Stay with me here.


Take a moment and close your eyes and visualize the new improved you, whatever that entails. Maybe you’re skiing down a slope for the first time in years. Maybe you’re out dancing with friends, moving with more agility and energy, than you’ve felt in ages? Maybe you’re at the gym lifting, looking like you know what you’re doing, and have some new muscle definition showing? Maybe you’re out shopping, and buying clothes that actually fit the way you want them to? 


You pick your end result. Keep it somewhat realistic, but a whole year. A lot can happen in a year with solid consistency and dedication. Will it be easy? Not always, no. But it WILL be more manageable and sustainable.


Take it from me. I know. I tried it the first way for a very large portion of my lifetime. Now that I have things in balance, I would never go back. But the day came when I finally buckled down and embraced a process. I stopped looking for instant gratification and stopped looking for short cuts, and easy fixes. I stopped thinking it had to be flashy, and exciting, and trendy. In other words, I stopped wasting my time.


Earlier today I was having the usual New Year resolution discussion with some friends of mine. One was telling me about the great results he got from one of those 20 day fad programs, last year. This year? He’s right back to where he started. 


What great things have you accomplished in your life, in a short time? I’ll wait, really. Think about it.


What if you were going to start your own business? Some of you probably have. As most people already know, you should always have a 5 years business plan. Because big goals aren’t going to happen over night. You need that long term vision. It fuels your passion. But you don’t just look 5 years ahead all the time.  You also have things broken down into yearly plans, and monthly targets.


As the founder of real [FIT] life, I have smaller monthly business goals that get me to my bigger ones. So far it’s worked quite well and has helped to grow my vision and our lifting community. This past September, we moved into our new, beautiful 2,000 square foot studio. I honestly didn’t think we’d be able to make the jump so soon. In fact, staying focused on my smaller, more immediate goals, has gotten me way ahead of my targeted business schedule, each and every year.


It’s the SAME for diet and fitness.


At real [FIT] life, we have participants accomplishing new goals and doing things they never imagined they’d be able to do when they first started with us. But just by showing up consistently week after week, focusing on quality of output for each session, they progress.


And in an upcoming blog, I’ll be sharing with you one of our transformation success stories that is a perfect example of the great things you can accomplish, if you pick the smart, sane approach and stay the course.


The one thing I see people struggle with the most, especially when it comes to weight-loss, is having the right frame of mind. Having reasonable expectations and a thought out plan. Big goals don’t happen with half effort.


What if you had a 5 year fitness plan? What if your transformation came in well planned, carefully thought out, deliberate steps? 


My lifting journey started 7 years ago. My goal was to get strong physically and mentally and to challenge myself to try new things that scared me but would give me newfound feelings of accomplishment, and a fit body as well. As I look back now, those years have flown. And my progress has been immensely gratifying. 


What if you could do that in 5 years? 


I know, you can’t get over how long that is. Doesn’t sound sexy enough?


Well, give it a few months. When the excitement of the new year has worn away, your overpriced diet products are sitting on a shelf collecting dust, you’ve stopped going to the gym “because it’s spring and you want to exercise outdoors” and you’re no further ahead than last year, please promise you’ll reconsider.


Yeah, I’ve been doing this for a while now. I’ve heard and seen it all.


Happy New Year,


Make this the start of something real.


Stay sane and healthy!


 Jeannine Trimboli

Founder, real [FIT] life


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