The financial adventures of a single mom. "Hang in there"

I smile every day. I laugh every day.

I remind myself of this any time I start to wonder if I’m doing things wrong.

My kids laugh and smile a lot too.

And I see them choosing paths that bring them fulfillment.

I know so many people “living the American dream” and for many I encounter, I actually see it as they’re living a nightmare.

Money can buy you a “perfect husband or wife”, privilege, cars, big houses, fancy wardrobes, 5 star hotels, restaurants and vacations, and a whole lot of empty people (“friends”) who will kiss your ass.

It can also buy you alcohol and drug addiction to help you fill the empty void and keep life “SO fun” 24/7.

But it will never buy you happiness.

It’s not for sale.

There is nothing wrong with creating wealth. With earning what you’re worth.

But so many people lose the meaning of life along the way while trying to create it.



On New Years Eve I published my tell all blog, where I outed some heavy stuff that I am currently dealing with.  In past blogs over the years I have alluded to, and outright talked about, the difficulties I have had in my life. A really bad marriage darn near destroyed me emotionally, mentally, and financially. From 2010 ( when I started this blog) until the end of summer of 2013, much of my time and energy was spent in and out of family court trying to hold onto my relationship with my kids, while also trying to field numerous false, vindictive accusations from my ex, and fight his final last ditch attempt at trying to take our children out of the country.


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