The financial adventures of a single mom "The good stuff"

(“The financial adventures of a single mom” is my story of my financial rebuilding, from literally losing everything in December 2014, to building a new, more stable future for myself and my four children, in 2015.  Who knows what the outcome will be, but I’m hoping we can all navigate and learn together. Learn how I got here and join me as I navigate moving ahead. I promise it won’t be dull and I hope you will find my story inspiring. Get caught up on past posts, here.)


I promised to post this blog yesterday, but wow, things have been busy!


When I first found out I would be losing my space for real [FIT] life, with literally no time to even figure out where to move my business, or if I realistically could,  my initial gut reaction was “I am done with fitness”. The schedule I had maintained for the last year had already left me physically and mentally dried up. I would get up at 4:00 am to train clients and leave work at 8:00 pm. By trying to accommodate my clients needs my schedule had been all over the map and my creativity and zest was seriously in the toilet.


“When you realize you have lost the love for what you are most passionate about, it’s definitely time to reassess.” 


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