The weight loss secret no one is telling you about


Back in October of 2016, I attended a morning networking event. After grabbing a much needed cup of coffee, I grabbed a seat somewhat close to the front and two empty chairs down from a man also sitting there.


Tim and I immediately introduced ourselves to one another, and as soon as he learned that I was a Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Coach, he told me that he had successfully lost about 140 pounds. 


I LOVE these stories and they always leave me curious as to what works for each individual so I asked Tim some additional questions.


 I asked Tim if he used any specific diet program? Tim told me he did not. All he did was start to cut back on his portion sizes and took up walking. This made me really happy to hear.


Tim also proceeded to explain to me that he never really treated his behavior changes as a diet, but instead as a lifestyle. This also pleased me. Tim definitely used the right approach.


Tim told me he’d even started a walking club at work which had grown to 15 people. I told Tim he must be a great role model and inspiration for his co workers. He proudly told me that he is.


What Tim accomplished on his own is incredible and it would be great if more people could do what he did, but the reality is that most people looking to lose weight just cant seem to take it off, or keep it off. So, what’s the secret?


After telling you this story I know you are waiting for me to share with you that secret I alluded to in the title of this post. What is this weight loss secret that no one is telling you about? 


Well, are you ready for it? Because it’s probably going to surprise you. It may even annoy you. And I bet, deep down, you already know the answer.


The secret is that there is NO secret. 


I’d love to make up some special diet or tell you about this long list of foods you must avoid, all while taking a whole other list of supplements, and then tell you how you’ll watch the pounds melt off. I’d also love to tell you that you’ll lose 30 pounds in 30 days, feel tons of energy, and be fully revitalized and rejuvenated. I could really make a killing doing that.


And the fact is, these diets already exist by the hundreds. I just won’t promote or sell them. Why? Because they do far more damage than good. 


I’d be willing to bet that many of you have tried quite a few of them. 


You probably paid a boat load of your hard earned money for some of them too. And they may have given you results, at least for a short while. But then the weight crept back on and you may have found yourself weighing even MORE than you weighed before.


And I’m willing to bet even more money that you never thought it was the diet that failed you. Which is most likely the case, because while these fad diets can give fast results, they are NOT sustainable. Instead, you probably beat yourself up with all the reasons YOU failed the diet, which makes you feel even worse.


But you didn’t fail. You were SET UP to fail.


And the next time you tried to lose weight? It became even harder to see results. And so this vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain ensues, only to leave you frustrated with your body, having a really bad relationship with food, and maybe even finding that it affects the way you feel about your whole day. Your whole life even. Lousy.


I know this cycle because back in my twenties and thirties, I LIVED it.


What if I told you that it’s possible to repair your relationship with food so that you no longer fear it? What if I told you that you don’t necessarily have to eliminate entire foods that you love from your diet in order to see weight loss? What if I told you that yes, there will be some slight hunger involved here and there, to lose weight, but you don’t have to walk around starving and depleted all day just to see results?


In order to lose weight, you DO need to make changes but they are not nearly as drastic as people think they need to be.


You don’t have to punish yourself or call yourself bad, or feel like a failure, just because you eat certain foods. What matters is how MUCH you eat and being able to keep your portions under control so that you remain in a slight caloric deficit during your weight loss phase. It’s also about learning which foods are optimal for weight loss and knowing why. 


 This is the part people usually need help with. And I’d like to help you.


Stay tuned for tomorrow when I relaunch my 7 day video series, 7 Tips for Successful Weight Loss. If you tune in to 100.9 The Cat tomorrow morning at 8:10am, you can also hear Kevin and I discuss realistic goal setting for weight loss and how to pace yourself so that you don’t crash and burn before you even get started. Be sure to listen in on The Cat’s Total Wellness Tuesday, tomorrow morning, January 2nd at 8:10am.


Remember earlier when I told you about Tim and his successful weight loss of 140 pounds? Tim also told me it took him 2 years to take off that much weight. Again, this thrilled me to no end, because he took his time. If I had to bet on Tim keeping his weight off long term, I’d bet in his favor pretty high because he has put in the time to permanently modify his eating behaviors and he approached his weight loss as a journey, with patience and consistency.


 If you were to break down his weight loss over the span of two years, he averaged just over 5 pounds lost per month, which is just under 1.5 pounds lost a week. And weight loss isn’t linear, so in reality, some months he probably lost more and others he may not have lost any. To stick through those times requires commitment and patience.


Having a coach to help you through those times can further help you to stay on track. 


If you live in the Albany area and you’re ready to do this the right way, once and for all, stop by real [FIT] life for a Strategy Session and let’s see if we’re a good fit.


Just shoot me an email at and let me know you’re ready.


We’d love to help you finally make the changes you’ve wanted, for good.

Either way, be sure to stop back tomorrow for 7 Tips for Successful Weight Loss. This series will give you all the information you need to successfully reach your weight loss goals this year. And later this week I’ll be sharing Part II of our new “Dominate the Gym” series, This is what you can do in the gym.


See you soon!


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