If you tuned in to 100.9 the Cat this morning for their Total Wellness Tuesday segment, you got to hear Dana, Kevin and I talk about the benefits of working out with people who are important to you. That can be your spouse, significant other, children or a best friend. At real [FIT] life many of our new members join with someone important to them or eventually get them to join soon after they start. You want to share healthy habits with the people closest to you!




 So since themes are fun, we put together some additional partner exercises you can try with the loved one of your choice. While I was visiting the morning crew on The Cat this morning, we even went Facebook Live and I demo’d a partner plank variation with Josh. He couldn’t believe how hard it was. We ended up laughing a LOT in the process. You can watch the video by going here.


I’m actually not a big fan of V Day. In my opinion, people should show they care year round and having a DAY to get brownie points seems a little cheesy and lame to me.


(Please do not let this deter anyone from giving me chocolate…)


But one thing I DO love is fitness so I’ve got three fun exercises you can try with the partner of your choice. And like Valentines Day, you don’t have to save the love of these partner exercises just for one day of the year. Share them with everyone you care for all the time! (Just don’t tell them it was my idea.)


#1 Plank with lateral sandbag drags


 How many reps? Just enough that the love feels like it’s burning inside you…


#2 Partial squats with chest passes


 This is pretty much the ONLY pass I suggest making at anyone this Valentines Day


#3 Reverse lunges with rotational medicine ball passes


 Jayne says she’s going to do these with her boyfriend for Valentines Day. Matt, I’m sorry. 



Okay, so go try them!


Jeannine Trimboli


real [FIT] life







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