What does “FIT” look like?


(This post was originally shared in July of 2012)


(This is fit)


I recently took a trek up to Saratoga on a Friday evening, with some of my girlfriends.


While hanging out at a popular local bar, I was approached by a guy who recognized me from this blog. He introduced himself and proceeded to tell me that I “look much better in person”.




I am really hoping that is not how he intended for his words to come out. I did have a good laugh over it. (Okay, I’m still laughing)


But the comment got me thinking. Again.


What does “fit” look like?


 (This is also fit)


Clearly, many people think that in order to be “fit” you have to have a certain type of physique. And people also seem to think, when they see someone who then possesses that stereotypical “fit” physique, that the person in question, without a doubt, must be fit, because they look it.


Only problem is, that is not necessarily the case.


First of all, what IS “fit”? I can tell you what I think it is. 


A fit person is someone who can perform all necessary bodily movements with ease, fluidity, strength, and power. Fit people have good reaction times, excellent mobility, and agility. A fit person not only can lift and press challenging amounts of weight. They can also stabilize all necessary muscle groups when needed. They can twist, bend, run, jump, and breathe effectively and productively throughout, and they can maintain a clear head and stay focused as they do all of these things.


 (This is fit as well)


A fit person is someone who is disciplined in mind, in action, and in all behaviors whether they are in the gym or not.


And a fit person is someone who really knows who they are. They are unwavering in their morals, and in their conscience, uninfluenced and  unaffected by those around them who may have lesser discipline and self understanding.


And a fit person eats really well. Balanced meals, consisting of nutrient dense foods throughout the majority of their week. But they also don’t obsess over food, fear it, or let their moods be affected negatively just because they had a cookie or a burger. They have balance, eating lots of the good stuff,  but also allowing them-self to enjoy the things that are meant to be enjoyed.

 (My “fit” in 2012)


Fit people also get sufficient sleep and they make adequate rest a big priority.


And fit people also make time to play, and participate in activities that give them feelings of joy and fulfillment.


 (May the “fit” be with you. With my youngest. 2012)


You cannot look at a persons physique and determine solely from one’s appearance how much strength of spirit or strength of body they possess. A tiny waistline and bulging defined muscles does not guarantee that someone is truly fit in every way. 


There are many people who genetically possess lean bodies that easily show muscle definition without setting foot in a gym. In addition, there are many people who put a lot of harmful substances in their bodies, and/or starve themselves from nourishment, in order to acquire the look of “fit” that is jammed down our throats in every grocery aisle, television commercial, fitness meme, “health” publication, and even the sides of buses, every moment of every day.


But is that person, that image, really “fit”? In my strong opinion, often, no.


Fit is not as simple as a clothing size, a waist size, or level of leanness. Fit comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Fit is NOT a “type”.


 (real [FIT] life’rs. All sizes. All shapes. All FIT)



A truly fit person is wholly uninfluenced by what they see around them. They only compare themselves to that last rep, that last workout. Progress may sometimes be slow, but it is constant, consistent, and the only goal is action. To continue moving forward.


When you compare yourself and other people to one another, you have already lost the point of it all. You have been sucked into the hype, the lies, the misinformation, and the distraction which will never get you to where you need to go.

( My 2015 “fit”. With my daughter.)


Fit is different for each and everyone of us. “Fit” is IN each and every one of us.


What does it look like? Go look in the mirror.


“Cause it’s in you. Just begging for you to go in there and bring it out.


Now get out there!


Jeannine Trimboli, CEO, real [FIT] life