Whats your reason for fitness in 2016?

Resolution season can be very “I” focused.


But sometimes the most meaningful reasons for change are because we want to be a better example and inspiration for those around us.


When I first got into fitness, in my youth, my motives were definitely vanity driven.


If that’s what gets you started, so be it.


But our relationship with fitness will eventually speak to others.


As a parent, I’m grateful that I learned about the beauty of strength soon enough for my kids to pick up on my new, improved conversation around fitness.


I am starting to see how that has indirectly inspired them to want to be active and healthy too.




The great thing is that I see both my daughter and my son treat fitness as something that adds to the quality of their lives as opposed to looking at it as a punishment, a way to “fix themselves”, or a way to make up for other “bad habits”.


They see a strong mom who loves herself and in turn, they learn to love themselves.


Perhaps this is the year that more of us could change our relationship with fitness, as well as ourselves, and create a conversation that is centered on empowerment, love, appreciation, and health.


You never know who might be listening.


Now get out there.


Jeannine Trimboli, CEO, real [FIT] life




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