Why do you need a fitness coach?


What is the benefit of having a Fitness Coach?


It’s the difference between someone just putting you through a workout and someone actually teaching you HOW to work out in an optimal way that is decided by YOUR personal needs.


If the only focus in your experience is that of doing more, and doing it faster, you’re missing out on a plethora of crucial information that can keep you safe from injury, teach you to correct and master your bodies specific inherent “hang ups”, and pave your path on a long journey to seeing your body get better and stronger with time.


I’ll give you an example:


real [Fit] life‘r Kim was performing a kneeling variation of Valslide Pushaways at her most recent semi private training session.

One of Kim’s current physical tendencies is rounding of the upper back and shoulders and not engaging/stabilizing her scapulae (shoulder blades) on her back.


As Kim was performing the exercise I came over and with a gentle touch, guided her upper back into the optimal position. This was such an a-ha moment for Kim that she full on stopped what she was doing. She looked at me and said, “That is so much harder!” She then asked if it might be possible to back off on the reps for now, because the exercise was so much more difficult for her now that she was doing it correctly.

My answer was ABSOLUTELY.


I also made sure to point out to Kim the fact that it was a GREAT thing that we were able to find this tendency of hers, hone in on it, and correct it.

This ensures much greater performance for her in the future, in EVERYTHING that she does. Not just this one exercise.


Not everyone is going to have the same challenges but we ALL have them. No matter how experienced we are at fitness, there will always be areas to correct and/or improve upon.


Our real [FIT] life’rs know this SO well that they joke that when an exercise feels “easy”, they must be doing something wrong. “Go ask Jeannine, she’ll fix it and make it a LOT harder. “


The point is, you WANT to figure out the areas you need improvement on. That’s how you get better. If someone just tells you “great job” all the time, you’re not growing.


Last I checked, people pay coaches because they want to get somewhere they couldn’t get alone, or accomplish something they couldn’t accomplish without an experienced guide who’s done it already.


If you’re paying a coach and the only feedback for you is “Great”, “Do more”, “Go heavier”, or “Do it faster”, you might want to reconsider where you spend your money.


Coaches are teachers and above all, you should be learning.



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