Working on work/life balance.

 Finding my new life/work balance is proving to be a challenge.

My work days (working two jobs) currently go from about 9am to 8pm on average.

I’m currently working 7 days a week. I’m fortunate to love my work and the time does fly. However, I also have a beautiful family who needs my time and to see my face.

Connection is important.


Having my oldest move out this summer only further reminded me as to how quickly time passes and our children grow before our eyes.

Yesterday, I had a couple hours down time and really needed to get some blog writing done. My two middle boys were home and instead, we ended up playing a really fun, terrible yet comical game of ping pong. We also hung out a bit in front of the tv while my youngest tried on Star Wars costumes.


I miss a lot of moments being away so much.


 I’ve sacrificed many firsts I can never get back.
I miss my children.

Yesterday I managed my time perfectly.

My business may grow slower than some others but the cost is worth it.

I work to live.

Yesterday was a good reminder of that.

Jeannine Trimboli, CEO, real [FIT] life